Safety Measure for Using Massage Chair

When you come home from work with discomfort and suffer from headache, pain in your neck, back and muscles. You use a massage chair for your relaxation.

Indeed a massage chair is a good investment and invention. But this invention can be harmful to you if, you don’t follow these precautions.

Should be comfortable:

If the massage chair is not comfortable than what’s the purpose of having a massage chair for relaxation? While buying a massage chair, you should check if the massage chair is comfortable by lying down on it for a while, and you’ll know if it’s good enough for you to buy.

Make sure to read the user manual and warnings before using it. Otherwise, you might cause yourself serious long-standing pain and discomfort.

Electrical massage chairs:

Most massage chairs are electrical. Which means you have to plug in the wire before using it. Don’t use any extension for this it could be dangerous. Always plug the wire directly into the switch.

Don’t use it too much:

Do not use the chair for a prolonged period of time. The massage chair is not made to be used all day, but for shorter periods at a time. Do not use your massage chair for any longer than 30 minutes.


Clean the massage chair every day if you are using it or not. Clean every corner properly. Don’t use detergent, sprays, washing liquids and water (for electrical chair). Cleanness is very important for relaxation.

Don’t use it while eating:

Do not eat while sitting on a massage chair and after having a massage. If you use your massage chair to get a massage right after having a meal, your body might not be able to digest the food completely leaving your food without proper nutrients.

In order to allow your food to get digested properly, after having a meal you should wait for some time before getting a comfortable massage on your massage chair. And you surely don’t want it after having a lovely massage.

Always consult a doctor:

Do not use the chair without consulting your doctor or without your doctor’s recommendation because it may harm your internal injuries.

Defected chair:

If your massage chair has a fault, you should turn off the chair, you should stop using the chair at once and contact the manufacturer from where you got the chair.

You should look for any fault in the chair, make sure no part of the chair is broken or malfunctioned before using the chair. If there is any fault in the machinery, you should not try to fix it yourself and call for maintenance.

Blood pressure

Last but not least as we all know massage chairs lower blood pressure, so the person who has low blood pressure should consult a doctor before using it. Ladies who are expecting and kids should consult a doctor before using a massage chair.

You can have a great massage at home on weekends if you follow all these precautions carefully. After all, we all deserve relaxation after a hectic day and week.

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