RelaxOnChair MK II Plus Review

If you have some specific amount of money to spend on a massage chair that gives your fundamental health benefits without spending a penny extra, then you’ll adore this Relaxonchair MK II Plus review.

We don’t place a tag of perfect on any brand of massage chair and without closely looking it we treat it with doubt, though this chair isn’t that bad either and will be a good choice for the person who’ll buy it.

We’ll help you make up your mind by noting some of the best features of this massage chair. Before we begin discussing the good points about this chair, let’s investigate some of the problems which can occur as result of purchasing this massage chair.

Though this massage chair is worth your money, the customer service has been poor as they are small brands that import the products from China and sell them by their name.

This isn’t a problem; the problem is that if any product is defective then it is hard to fix it without any issue as compared to other higher priced brands because they’re manufactured here.

No doubt the customer service is bearable as compared to other small massage chair brands. Not the best but at least it is a little bit better. The product is good to buy and is something you’ve been searching for.

Features of RelaxOnChair MK II massage chair

Zero Gravity Recline:

Nowadays, a feature that all massage chair users demand in a massage chair is Zero Gravity recline and because of this, all the known brands have at least 1 model in which this feature exists.

Normally massage chairs have an ordinary Zero Gravity seating but this massage chair has three stages of Zero gravity which makes it unique from other massage chairs.

In each stage, the person can lean further backward for a more comfortable and deep massage. The primary advantages of the Zero Gravity feature are an increase in blood circulation, relaxation of stiffed muscles and compressed spinal cord massage.

It helps your muscles get away from any type of strain by supporting the body in a way that bodyweight is minimized.

S & L Track Structure:

One thing which makes it better from other massage chair is the track design, and there are 3 types of it.

The first one is a hybrid track that combines with S and L track which empowers the quad rollers located in the chair to target the spine and simultaneously stretches down to calf muscles for the full body massage through rollers.

A little flaw regarding this feature is that the track stretches not that far as expected. It does help the rollers to touch the thigh muscles but that’s only done. Though offering this much is also more than an achievement for this RelaxOnChair brand.

Full 3D Body Scan:

The rollers work very well because of full 3D body scan function. When the chair is turned on, the first thing it does is full computerize body scan through which it records the measurements of the body.

During the massage session, the chair utilizes these measurements and positions the rollers in a way which target every point of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage:

The quantity of massage chairs which features deep tissue massage is not high in numbers, but this chair contains this feature. If you’re going through constant back pain and you can change the intensity level as per your need.

The normal users can take a massage session on low intensity level whereas the people who need more power, energy, and intensity can increase the level of intensity.

Lower Back Warmth Feature:

RelaxOnChair MK II plus massage chair contains warm cushions in the back area of the seat to provide a heating element on any massage program you choose. This heating therapy can make your massage session more enjoyable and beneficial.

Remote Control with LCD screen:

You can easily control all functions of this massage chair and can choose any program you want, can change intensity levels easily through a remote control which is complementary with this chair.


As we have mentioned all the features which makes this massage chair one of the best in the market. It is user friendly, pocket friendly and provide some health benefits and is beneficial for the people suffering from back pain.

Keeping all this aside, there are some areas in which this massage chair can perform better. In the promo of this massage chair they stated that it is a shiatsu massage chair but when we investigated features there is no such technique.

Adjusting the proportion of warm will make this chair more useful, and a full structure of foot massage. Adding an MP3 feature will attract more people to buy this chair and cost will not increase that much too.

This is a great product and we’ll surely advice the users too buy this specially the people with back pain.

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