Real Relax Favor 01 Review

In hectic everyday routine, every second person wants to get the time for deep relaxation. Massage chairs are indeed the best option to make you relax and comfortable.

Real Relax is renowned for its massage devices, and their intentions make them best in the field. Real Relax has four models of massage chairs and out of which Favor-1 is widely known for its elegant design.

The massage chair has a sleek design and comes in three different colors. You can choose your favorite color from black, burgundy, and khaki.

Value Section

  • FDA Registered

The FDA registers real Relax Favor 01 Massage Chair. , and it has a highly reasonable price. This enhances the value of the massage chair.

  • Comfortable

The Real Relax Favor 01 Massage Chair is highly satisfying. The design of the chair provides the user with excellent massage properties. The best thing about the chair is that it has a built-in heater which gives a comfortable and relaxing experience.  The chair has high-quality leather, which provides the user with a soft and comfortable feel.

  • Ease in assembly

The chair, when bought, comes in various pieces. One can quickly start massage programs. Manual programs let you choose the combination of your body areas. The assembly of programs is not a difficult task, and controls are more straightforward and take very little time to learn.

  • Ease in movement

Real Relax Favor 01 Massage Chair has the wheels at the bottom, which makes it easy to move all around. Users can quickly move wherever they want to get their massage done.

  • Adjustable speed

The speed of the chair is adjustable. You can increase or decrease the rate of the functioning of the chair according to your needs and choice.

  • Handle heavyweight users

The massage chair comes with the good news for the overweight people. Being overweight, one doesn’t need to worry about their massage time. The chair has the capability of handling heavy weight users.

  • Affordable price

By keeping in view, the wide variety of features of the massage chair, one can easily demonstrate its value. The model comes with a large number of features at a meager price. It’s totally under the budget of customers.

  • Best sleep regulator

There are various features in the chair which enhance the blood circulation in the body. Moreover, the massage chair helps in repairing of irregular sleep patterns.


  • Zero-gravity position

The zero gravity position of the chair enhances the blood circulation in the body and regulates the sleep patterns. Moreover, the feature provides deep tissue massage, which helps the user get to relax and comfortable. Not only this but zero gravity position distributes the weight of the user evenly, which makes it user-friendly.

  • Heating effect

The heating effect is indeed the best thing that your tiring muscles need. The lumbar region of the body receives heat which provides the best message to the collection and fills it in with the energy.

  • Airbags

There are nearly thirty airbags embedded in the massage chair, which enhances the value of the chair. The airbags are located in legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and back areas which give intense massage to the regions. The seat is best for those who want an air massage within their small budget.

  • LED remote control

The massage chair is equipped with modern technologies. It has a LED remote control which controls various functions. Moreover, the remote control is responsible for managing and regulating the intensity and speed of the chair.

  • Foot massage rollers

The feature worth mentioning over here is the foot massage that massage chair provides. The foot rollers are located at the bottom, which gives a heating effect to the feet. This feature works best during the most hectic and tiring days of your busy routine.

  • Back massage

The backrest massage is best for you if you are having any back problem. Other than that, you can get one for routine days as well. The backrest of the chair has eight points, which gives the best massage to the back of the user. With regular back massage, one can feel better with each passing days.

  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers and SB port

To increase the fun of massage time, the massage chair has built-in Bluetooth speakers. Users can enjoy the facility of Bluetooth connectivity and make their massage time more relaxing. Users can enjoy the music of their choice.

  • Armrest linkage

The armrest of the chair makes sure that the arms of the users stay in one place. Whatever position the user takes the arms of the users will remain in one place. Moreover, the airbags in the arm area provide the user with an intensive arm massage, which is best to relax your whole day tired arms.

  • Hip vibrator

One feature worth mentioning is the Hip vibrator of the chair. The chair comes with the vibrate option. One can utilize the feature upon their choice. One can use the vibrating feature to provide massage to their hips.


  • Zero gravity position
  • Highly affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Armset linkage
  • Remote control system


  • The body scanning feature is not present
  • No preset massage modes present
  • Heavy


The Real Relax Favor 01 Massage Chair is an excellent combination of relaxation and technology. You can get the therapeutic sessions by staying at home without getting any costly professional consultation. You don’t need to go to the gym to relax your muscles as you can have it at your place. This is one of the best massage chairs available at very affordable prices.

The chair comes with the wheels, which make its movement easy.  Overall the model comes with a huge set of benefits, making it the choice of many. This is indeed the best stress and pain reliever, which helps you regulate your sleep patterns and blood circulation.

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