Ogawa Massage Chair Review

Finding a perfect massage chair which not only is comfortable enough but also ticks all the requirements including different sizes, shapes, styles and features is not easy. You’ll find different massage chairs in the market but most of them won’t come up to your expectations. But with Ogawa, you will find massage chairs which are super comfortable and are also very luxurious.

Ogawa is a furniture brand that produces massage chairs in different shapes, sizes and styles. These chairs not only give you a sense of ease but also look good with your other furniture in the room without looking the odd one out. This brand definitely meets the expectations of people and cares about the wellness and health of its customers by creating high quality products.

These products are shipped worldwide without any shipping charges and the company also gives a lifetime support. It also gives a 5 year warranty and if you are not satisfied with the product you can also return the product and with Ogawa Massage Chairs you get a full refund with a few deductions.

This review will talk about two different Ogawa massage chairs and their features including its pros and cons which are going to be really helpful for you to make a decision to buy a good massage chair.

OGAWA Smart 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa 3D Smart Massage Chair is one of the finest there is. It has top quality luxurious features. It not only looks good but it also feels good to sit on it. The 3D Massage Chair works efficiently and provides comfort to its users. The chair is advanced as compared to other massage chairs and has a tablet attached to it for personal profiles and will provide massages according to your own liking.

Smart Tablet:

As compared to other massage chairs which mostly have remote control, the Smart 3D chair has a tablet which is attached to it and you can easily make a personal profile and also for your other family members and once you are done with making the profile it will customize the massage techniques according to what you prefer.

Body Scan:

The Smart 3D chair memorizes the shape of the back, your height and shoulders with it smart rollers in order to give you a highly efficient massage which also helps in giving personalized shiatsu for your muscles.

Over 17 programs:

The device is super comfortable and has at least 17 massage programs and massage techniques which also includes the intensity level.

3D Smart Roller:

In order to get a deep tissue Shiatsu, you can change the depth of massage to over 3 inches and you can change the intensity from light to deep according to how you like it. It also has 6 levels of intensity. There are 12 different techniques out of which 6 are advanced which include Thai Stretching.

Smart Sense Air Compression:

This is another smart feature in which the device lifts your body and places it for diverse stretches and it also compresses your muscles for a better circulation and to reduce the tension from your body and you can also change the intensity of your massage.

The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage chair has also different personalized massage techniques which include:

  1. Heat and Vibration
  2. Thai Stretching
  3. Color therapy
  4. Spot/Partial
  5. Strength and intensity


  1. Several personalized profiles for an efficient massage
  2. Computerized system for easier usage
  3. 3D roller and also body scanning for the massage


  1. Lagging of tablet during updates

Ogawa Active-L Massage Chair

The Ogawa Active-L Massage Chair is a full-body massager which is not highly priced and is easily accessible. The chair has zero-gravity, foot rollers, heat and color therapy and also deep stretches.

The chair takes care of the wellness of your body by stretching, soothing your neck and shoulders and also your feet. This chair is made to give you a full body massage for you to get rid of all the tiredness in your body.

Nine Auto Programs:

These programs help you with the best massages according and meet your desired expectations and targets the areas which are most in need which includes your shoulders, neck, back and gluteus. It also lets you choose how much intensity of the stretch massages from light to hard depending on your need.

Foot Rollers:

The foot rollers give the perfect massage to your feet and cover your feet entirely. With air tension, the foot rollers help you lose the tension from your toes and give you a magical experience.

SL Track:

The roller track helps to move your body from your back of the head to your upper thighs which helps in releasing the pain and helps you relax your body.

The L-Massage Chair also has other advanced features like different massage techniques which include:

  1. Swedish and Shiatsu style.
  2. A HD sound system
  3. Bluetooth
  4. Automatic Leg Extension which is basically based on different heights.


  1. Smart tablet for easy use and multiple languages.
  2. 9 automatic programs for different massages
  3. Foot rollers for releasing tension
  4. Body scans for personalized body massages


  1. The tablet updates from time to time.

Final Words:

The company makes the most comfortable yet luxurious pieces of chairs out of which these two have been reviewed. Ogawa cares about the health and wellbeing of the customers and makes the most therapeutic chairs of the best quality.

So if you’re looking for the most refined pieces of massage chairs, you should definitely go for Ogawa which not only provides comfort but also gives a good guarantee of its product and meets the needs of the people. It is durable and gives you the best experience after a long day of work.

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