Massage Chair vs Therapist: Which is better?

Most people love massages even you may also love massages, but you have not enough time to call your massage therapist?

Here is the solution to this problem, which you would like and provide the facility of massage at your home. A “Massage Chair” is the solution. In this modern era of technology, now there is no need to go outside only for Massage.

It is one of the major benefits of buying massage chair, besides this another ease which you might be not considered when you ask, Massage Chair or a Massage therapist?

When you completely go through this article you should know what is more beneficial for you, whether the investment in a massage chair or Massage therapist.

Massage Chair or Massage Therapist: Which is better?

If compare both, whether massage chair is better than a massage therapist. But the massage chair never replaces the importance of live human massage therapists in many aspects.

For example, when the human therapist touches in massage it stimulates the bodily hormones that release endorphins, which in turn help to relieve stress, it is the main reason for the snuggling of people with their partners.

Furthermore, the human massage therapist gives an individual massage treatment which is based on communication with the patient and with their own appraisal of which muscle or specific side need work and massage.

Although, nowadays, one of the top trendy and mid-range massage chairs also offering individualized treatment. These chairs are remotely controlled to choose a great variety of functions including:

  • Massage options and programs
  • Specific targeted muscle
  • Different types of massage
  • Time-lapse

This chair does only, according to the given input. So don’t worry about any misconception.

Massage Therapist Pros:

  • The human touch during massage stimuli our body and release hormones named endorphins which are also called happiness hormones. It will reduce stress and provide you relief.
  • Human Massage therapist provides a friendly environment.
  • Massage therapist engages a number of techniques which have to work your muscle and give you the result of your satisfaction.
  • The professional Massage therapist properly knows which therapy or technique is best and will work effectively on which muscles for the best result.

Massage Therapist Cons:

  • If you are homebound because of any illness or may live in an area or place which is prone to bad climate, or may busy as many of us, So it’s become very difficult and inconvenient to visit your massage therapist.
  • If you are not so much socially and become uncomfortable or hesitate with other human touch or being naked in front of the therapist and strangers, this type of situation can create tension and stress so you can’t completely take benefit from massage.
  • Massage therapy isn’t cheap because you are just paying for the time and training of a professional massage therapist. So their expertise deserves a lot of money.
  • If you become exhausted and tired enough to find the time, it just adds stress and creates tension.

Massage Chair Pros:

  • A massage chair provides many features that the therapist can’t.
  • A massage chair not only provides you complete privacy but also more convenient.
  • It costs much less.
  • The massage chair has the facility to adjust your body weight, height and body composition, so you can adjust it as you want.
  • As massage chair is much advance so it offers a number of variables to replace a human massage therapist.

Massage Chair Cons:

  • A massage chair does not have medical knowledge which the therapist has.
  • You’ll obviously miss the advantage of human touch and their interaction.


Now it’s all up to you so you have to decide which is better for you, Massage chair or Massage therapist. Make sure, you make the best decision for your health.

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