Massage Chair Cleaning Tips

Becoming the owner of a massage chair a person begins to think about its safety. And this is right because taking care of the device is a guarantee of its long service and attractive appearance.

The latter, incidentally, is important, as most readers might think. Massage chair – a subject that perfectly complements the interior, and this are possible only if it is a great view.

That is why before starting a “friendship” with a purchased massage chair, it is recommended to study recommendations for its use and care from cover to cover, thereby extending its service life.

Tips and care for cleaning the massage chair.

First, unplug the power supply machine. Do not use aggressive substances because the upholstery may be damaged. Also, it is best not to use long pile materials.

It is best to use water-soaked cotton wipes for wiping. Add a small amount of detergent to the water. Extra moisture squeezes out and cleans the chair with soft movements, patting lightly.

The chair must be wiped with a soft cloth and left to dry after the wet cleaning has been done. Do not use alcohol, alcohol or oil-containing substances. This will have a serious impact on the leather upholstery and ruin the chair’s appearance.

Protect from sunlight

Try to avoid direct sunlight falling on its upholstery so that your massage chair has a good presentation as long as possible. Also, quitting smoking while taking a massage is better. Do not install the chair in the vicinity of heaters and in rooms where the humidity level is too high and high.

Some other tips

It may seem to many that time after a shower is the best time for a massage. We’re hurrying to get you upset.

After visiting the bathroom, particularly after washing the head, it is strongly not recommended to use the chair as moisture droplets remaining on the body and hair can damage the device.

Furthermore, near a functioning massage chair, you should not spray flammable substances and aerosols.

Proper care and maintenance is the pledge of a long and high quality massage chairs service. If you only follow a few tips, you can keep its presentable appearance permanently and extend its “life span.”

  • Wipe the massage chair with cotton napkins from dust and dirt, avoid fleecy fabrics.
  • Use water or diluted detergent as a detergent.
  • Wipe the massage chair when it is unplugged and do not turn it on until it is completely dry.
  • Avoid placing a chair near the window, heating devices, as well as in the room where the humidity is high.
  • Do not allow foreign objects to enter the existing gaps and gaps of the massage chair, do not touch the open mechanisms, especially when it is connected to the network.
  • By virtue of its bulkiness, it will be practical to place the massage chair on a rug etc.
  • Remember the same thing about remote control.[ do not use it with wet hands]

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