Is It Safe For Children To Use Massage Chairs?

Do you have a massage chair at your home? Are you worried about your children that are using them? Do you think it is not safe for your children to use them?

Well if you are looking for answers to the above questions, then you are in the right place. There is nothing wrong with being overprotective of your children.

Are massage chairs safe for children?

The answer is, yes. Massage chairs are safe if your child is older than ten years. In fact, they prove beneficial for most children. In addition to being fun, these massage chairs increase the blood circulation of children. They help them to release their stress.

We know that nothing is 100% safe for all age groups. The same is the case with massage chairs that have upper and lower age limits.

If your child is younger than ten years, then you need to think twice before putting them in massage chairs for hours. Although we haven’t had any complaints from children after using massage chairs, we can’t ignore certain facts.

Why are massage chairs not safe for children younger than ten years?

Massage chairs are a fun thing for children, so they usually enjoy them. But they are a little bit intense for younger children.

Children have weak bones and growing muscles, that can become sore due to these chairs. You always have an option of physical massage therapy, in order to help your children to relax.

Moreover, there is no harm in putting your children in massage chairs for a few minutes (i.e., 15 – 20 minutes). Keep them under your supervision during that time.

Why do children need massage therapy?

Children mostly follow their parents. If you are a parent, then your child is most likely going to jump in your massage chair.

There is no harm to them if you are supervising them. Moreover, being a child does not mean that you can not relax. Here are a few reasons why children need massage therapy.

  • Release Stress:

Children face problems, too in their lives. They have stress. Massage chairs help them in releasing tension the same way they help adults. They increase blood circulation of the body, thus helping to release stress by massaging the musculoskeletal system.

  • Fight diseases:

Those children who are struggling with different medical conditions are asked to take this therapy. Those medical conditions include asthma, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. Continuous stress among children can affect the proper functioning of the immune system. Thus, it can give rise to numerous other conditions. So, doctors advise children to benefit from this therapy.

  • Growth:

Massage chairs help your children in rapid growth. They give massage to bones and muscles and release tension between them, which helps in proper growth.

  • Fun thing for children:

Children mostly hesitate to take the help of a masseuse for massage therapy. Whereas massage chair is like a play or fun something for them. They can get the advantages of real treatment by using it as a big toy.

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