Infinity IT-8800 Review

Infinity IT-8800 massage chair is one of the most exceptional massage chairs in the market as it has countless features.

Some of the features include Hip and thigh massage, hand, shoulder and arm massage, foot massage, full body massage to decompress the spinal cord, and amazing body scan sensors for the massage on targeted areas of the body.

It includes built-in heat and music too for relaxation. You can choose any of the Targeted scans, or customizable options for your massage. This massage chair also contains a heater, zero gravity feature, roller for a shoulder massage, and a shiatsu space.

Power settings can be adjusted manually, and decompressing foot massage can be done by special rollers attached in it. The main role of built-in airbags is to put its whole intensity on leg and feet.

Features of Infinity IT-8800 Massage Chair

Pillow airbags for headrest:

These airbags expand and compress automatically through delicate swinging movements and pressure points to make the person feel comfortable and relaxed, decrease the stress level, and most importantly lower down headache and neckache.

Airbag for Lower Waist:

The profound, pressing movement of this 3-layer massage airbags gives even more satisfaction as compared to the massage therapist itself. It makes the circulation of blood better which makes the person feel relaxed and stress-free.

Airbags for Back:

The contorting movement of two amazing airbags attached on the back part of our massage seat is powerful and more satisfying than the hands of experienced massage masseuse. It gives you a stimulating massage that takes off your stress and refreshes the posterior and thighs.

Airbags for Shoulder:

These airbags are capable of kneading, rolling, contorting and reviving massage movement. Just like an experienced massage therapist, this massage chair with the help of shoulder airbags gives you the utmost satisfaction and relaxation in stiff areas.

Airbags for arm and wrist:

Airbags located around your wrist and arm give you a mitigating free movement which makes the circulation of blood process better as well as revives your arms.

Foot and sole massage:

As feet are the only part of your body which holds your whole-body weight, and as result stress, tension, and exhaustion is attached wit it.

With the help of these amazing massage chairs, it will refresh your feet which will indirectly make our whole body feel relaxed. In each part where your foot will be rested on the massage chair, there are 8 airbags and 6 moving massage rollers to trigger your pressure points.

Each airbag is specially made to press, knead, massage your ankle, lower leg, heel, and sole.

IT 8800 is a great massage chair but can be inappropriate for the people who don’t experience constant pain as the intensity of this massage high. People who suffer severe back pain and migraine need this kind of intensity in it’s massage chair.

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