Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair Review

Japan is the most stress-hungry country in the world, but in the last two decades, Japan has been the longest-lived country in the world. On the one hand, because the Japanese have a light diet, on the other hand, the Japanese are very concerned about health care.

The governor of the body is the yang of the body, the human body is full of yang, and the life expectancy will be prolonged, according to traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Regular back massage can cause the body to circulate Du Meridian while massaging other parts of the body, it can bleed the entire body. It is comfortable, the body.

Most people, however, cannot ask a first-class masseur to massage each day for themselves. The Japanese invented the electric chair for massage. Over 50% of families in Japan today have massage chairs.

Inada Company’s background

Japan’s INADA (Mita Field) Massage Chair Company was founded in 1962 and had more than 50 years of history. It invented the first automatic massage chair of the world.

It created 20 world firsts, and the Japanese Emperor awarded the “Blue Seal.” “The highest honor. Not only that, INADA is based on Chinese medicine knowledge and has developed the world’s first artificial finger massage chair.

INADA massage chairs have become synonymous with medical-grade massage chairs due to the long-term focus on massage chairs and research and development with doctors and hospitals.

Each massage chair has a Japanese medical equipment certification number and its irreplaceable competition. It also makes its products marketed in more than 60 countries around the world and has passed the US FDA certification.

Why do I need a massage chair?

John also had these questions before going to the inada store. When I tried out the four massage chairs in the store, my concerns were eliminated entirely. Buying a massage chair is not just consumption, but an investment and a good investment.

Surprisingly, more than 50% of Japanese families have their own massage chairs! In fact, the simple account calculation, the manual service of the massage shop is not cheap, in fact, as long as you use your massage chair twice a month to return the fare.

Some people don’t like strangers touching their bodies, some people worry about health problems, and some people don’t have so much time to go out for a massage.

It only takes 10 minutes at any time with a massage chair at home, which is enough for you to relieve fatigue and resurrection.

How does a massage chair work?

A massage chair has the basic idea of imitating a masseur. Small tools like balls and rollers built into the armchair rotate, vibrate or press a button. It should be as natural as possible for massaging and kneading. Therefore, air cushions are installed in the backrest, headrest, and often armrests, which automatically inflate in turn and then rerelease the air. A remote control can control the armchair, and it is possible to determine which body parts should be massaged, how strong, and how long. It is also possible to move the armchairs into the massage bed.

Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair

The Flex3s massage chair has been designed to provide you with flexibility and a better posture. It combines therapeutic stretching movements with traditional Japanese shiatsu massage techniques that enhance your posture to eliminate pain and stiffness. It also serves to restore or maintain your spine’s natural curvature, which runs from your neck to your lower back, enabling you to take a more comfortable daily life. Therefore, the stretches that it exerts on your body induce deep breathing increases blood oxygen levels.

Features and functions

S3 body posture health care

The Flex3s massage chair designed the posture and pelvis 3S body posture health massage program to solve the problem of a poor posture of office workers.

3S body posture massage, is a combination of Japanese stretching authority fitness coach Tadashi Kaneko’s unique S-type stretching exercise: standby-roller massage the back of the spine stretch, shaking the pelvic movement, adjusting the body balance, the body is oriented to the “stretch” state: systemic stretching, stretching back, deep breathing, extending the core abdomen muscles, etc.

S-Line: The entire person feels refreshed and relaxed after stretching and stretching.

Often this feature is used for correcting posture and making the curve more exquisite and straight.

Massager programs

A massage chair has the purpose of eliminating body pain and giving the user comfortable sensations instead. All programs developed for this purpose are the result of rigorous and fruitful research on massage art and health return to the body. Convenient remote control is used to launch them.

Back massage function

The combination of roller massage and air compression massage does not disregard the dorsal region’s most uncomfortable and remote areas. Massage treatments relieve any discomfort in the upper back and lower back without problems thanks to the 4-roller mechanism and air cushions.

Perfect massage position [Maximum resting]

The Inada 3S, with the highest recline angle, is the most comfortable massage chair. Its design makes maneuvering extremely easy.  The reclining system is different because of the rail that the chair moves along during the backrest recline. You can position the chair close to a wall. Just because of a reason it slides downwards, extended horizontally to a lower position when the backrest is reclined.

Foot massage function

Do not forget that blood circulation is extremely important for the proper functioning of the entire organism through the lower extremities. The legs are wrapped around and compressed with airbags after launching the appropriate program. At the same time, shiatsu balls should be placed under the feet. This massage will bring a lot of pleasant sensations as well as significant health benefits.

Maximum intensity mode

By pressing the Max Intensity button on the control panel, the maximum impact force is used to perform all types of massage.

Establishment of the Shiatsu point scheme

The benefits of this massage are evident and demonstrated. For each, the location of specific points that require pressure is different and depends on his body’s unique features. Now, thanks to the work of the sensitive sensors, the massager itself outlines its layout and displays the session’s optimal program.

Extraordinary design [Therapeutic effects]

The inada flex 3S full body massage chair is a perfect choice for those wanting to stretch, make stronger their posture and benefit from all the health benefits of massage and relaxation. You can choose from a series of automated health care programs with full body massage, stretch massage, and lower body massage included. These include programs such as “Warm Up” and “Cool Down,” as well as several Japanese massage techniques.

Air Compression Massage

Massager provides almost the entire body with an excellent massage. Its airbags contact different areas gently and accurately. This is a great way to improve the circulation of blood.

Massage cushions: Buffer cushion.

Massage cushion pad, the leading massage cushion (implicitly installed in the chair) and the remote control pocket are included in the accessory set. A protective and washable fabric covers the inner massage cushion. If you want a deep cervical massage (neck), the inner cushion can be removed during the massage.

The medical massage chair

The 3S Flex massage chair has been designed to improve your functional movements, physical performance, and effective breathing techniques, as well as help you recover from back pain or steep shoulders. The “Shoulder Focus” program focuses on relieving the rigidity of the joints by massaging the clavicle area with frontal air compression and pressing from the back, resulting in a stretch in the chest. By pushing from the front and the back, a deep stretch is obtained, and the leading cause of shoulder stiffness (poor posture) is eliminated.

Effective massage technology

Unforgettable, thanks to the comfort of sensations, two massaging machine aggregates consisting of two rollers each will present you with a health-giving massage. The design has a surprising illusion that a living person’s palms massage your back. All of Shiatsu’s main points fall under the stimulating effect of the massage mechanism. The pressure force produced by the rollers is evenly distributed across all parts of the back. Even the most complex and deeply located muscles fall under the elaboration. Thus, the effectiveness of the Flex 3S chair is on par with the services of a live massage therapist.

Features of the massage mechanism

As already discussed, massage rollers are successfully brought closer to a live masseur’s capabilities. Even the inter-roller distances copy the average distances between the human hand’s fingers. Such a mechanism’s programmed movements imitate hand movements as accurately as possible.

  • The pressure force of the rollers in their smoothness does not resemble the mechanical. Such a first-class imitation is ensured by the springiness of the particular air cushion, and not by the use of rigid levers.
  • For the sample for the rollers are taken the fingers of a man. Designed on this principle, the module is capable of flexible and accurately following the contours of the human body, with a given course “in-depth” up to 7 cm.
  • Thanks to the sophisticated program of movement of rollers, the user receive a session of high-quality 3D-massage.
  • The rollers imitate the hands of the masseur as closely as possible and can move within sufficient limits, namely, 69 cm. Precisely calculated distances between the rollers ensure good kneading of muscles.

Buyer’s experience

Mr. Jin and his wife came together to the shopping. The wife liked the chair of the massage very much. She bought it back to make her wife happy. The wife had a bad shoulder and was unable to lift her arm. Her arm took less than a month to lift. Mr. Jin was not interested in this. When he saw the effect was so good, he began to try it out. His spine had some convex part. Every time he massaged the raised portion of the spine, he felt a slight pain and could hear a different kind of anomaly. The sound, but the sleep is excellent after using it, I insisted on using it all the time. After a while, suddenly one day he remembered, I don’t know when to start, there’s no pain when I massage the part, and the strange sound disappears.


  • It contains effective massage technology that makes it the perfect one.
  • It gives you flexibility and a better posture.
  • In its therapeutic characteristics, the upgraded4-roller 3D-mechanism provides the most effective back massage.
  • Roller and air-compression massage interaction relieves pain, and accumulated fatigue.
  • 9 Main functions and more than 500 combined options. The focus is on stretching the lower back. But at the same time, the feeling of relieving tension gets the whole body.


  • No gravity zero in this Inada massage chair.
  • No option for Roller Glute Massage in this chair.


The chair is just amazing with lots of features, and the best of all, its design is super cool. After considerable physical exertion, most people are familiar with how sore muscles are. The program in this chair will help them relax and smooth out the discomfort that has arisen.  If you want something to be fully functional, then this Inada flex is the best option for you. The only limitation in this chair is the absence of the choice of zero gravity. But overall, this chair is a good pick, and we recommend this chair to anyone with a budget.

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