How To Massage Your Baby

how to massage a baby

You’re not the only one who now and then yearns for a soothing body rub.

Babies also find very relaxing, and even therapeutic, a gentle laying on of hands.

That’s why touch is the most developed at birth because of the five senses.

Research suggests that infant massage has tremendous advantages in helping babies grow and thrive.

You’re ready for baby massage, but what exactly should you do? Just take a few simple steps.

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How to Massage a Baby

Set the mood

First and foremost. Dim the lights, shut down your phone, turn on soft music if you want, and make sure the room is warm. What’s thought to be warm? Approximately 75 F.

Undress baby

how to massage baby - Undress baby

If you want, you can dab the diaper. Even if she has a diaper rash or heat rash, a little air time will be beneficial for the baby’s bum.

If they are diaper-free, be sure to slide a towel or two under baby. In this situation, the prefold inserts work well for cloth diapers.
Start from Head

Just start from the head with soft hands on him/her after undressing your cute champ. You can take some oil and pat it on the head of your baby.

You can use gentle strokes to spread the oil over the head of your baby. Take care of the fontanel (the soft spot on the head of your baby) and do not put pressure on it.

The arms

Take in your hands one of your baby’s arms and repeat the movement from his armpit to his wrist.

Then take his hand and rotate the wrist in each direction a couple of times. Turn arms and repeat.

The chest

Place your hands together in a position of prayer over the heart of your child.

Then stretch out your hands and flatten your palms lightly over your chest. Repeat over and over again.

Legs and Feet

Take the legs of your baby and apply a downward stroke to the ankle from the thighs.

Hold the thigh of your baby and slide both of your hands in opposite directions by rotating.

Take the foot of your baby and apply gentle pressure in an upward movement from the heel to the toe using your thumb.

Use your hand to stroke your baby’s entire foot. You can pull each toe gently while massaging and massaging around your baby’s ankles by using small circular motions.

The back

Roll your child onto the tummy. Using your fingertips, trace small circles from the neck down to the buttocks on either side of your spine.

Complete with some long, firm strokes from the shoulders of your baby to her feet. Place on her diaper and cuddle or feed her when you’re done. She’s probably going to doze right off.

How often am I supposed to massage my child?

Traditionally, just before or after your bath, a baby gets a massage every day. For the first three months, some families do it twice a day. But there are no ideal numbers to massage a baby.

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