How Does A Massage Chair Work?

Do you own a massage chair? Are you curious about how it works to ensure your safety? Or do you want to buy a new massage chair and you have no idea what to look for?

Almost everyone who owns this chair or who wants to buy it should be familiar with its features and functioning.

Luckily you have landed at the right place if you want an answer to the above questions. We will give you a detailed explanation of its working.

How does Massage chairs work?

Well, the answer to the above question depends entirely upon the type of chair you are using. Different companies have been striving for years to take part in the long race of development. Thus, they have introduced various features and functions for different problems.

Some companies focus on vibrators and rollers to give an extra massage. Others use water bags to help you release your stress.

Still, there are others who have introduced new features in the body. These include airbags for squeezing your body muscles to increase blood circulation.

Types of massage chairs:

Mainly there are three types of massage chairs, that use different mechanisms to give you a perfect and soothing massage. These are:

Vibrating chair:

Vibrating massage chairs have motors or gears that produce vibratory motion. They function to transfer vibratory motions all over your body, as your body presses against them. These vibratory motions tend to release stress from muscles and joints.

Moreover, some vibrating chairs also have tapping motors. They tap your body parts just like a professional masseuse. Several small vibrating devices are present in these chairs. Thus, they do not give any uncomfortable sensations.

Roller Chairs:

Some companies have introduced these features in chairs to give real massage experience. Chairs have weighted small rollers instead of vibrating devices.

These rollers can move to left and right and also in circles. As they push against your body organs, it feels like the thumb massage of a professional masseuse. Some rolling massage chairs also have kneading actions. These massage chairs are perfect for releasing anxiety and depression.

Some chairs have an additional feature of heat pads. They give heating sensations, just like an original spa experience. Such chairs are more expensive than others.

AIrbag and water cushions:

Now, these are the last kind of massage chairs. They have airbags and water bags instead of rolling or vibratory motors.

These airbags can squeeze against your organs to relieve pains and stress from muscles. Their prime purpose is to increase the blood flow by continuous squeezing.

Final word:

Now we have explained almost every type of massage chair that is available in the market. If you are thinking about spending a handsome amount of money on these chairs, then you must know what you are looking for.

If you want affordable chairs, then vibrating chairs are the best option. They massage your body parts and help you in releasing your tension after a hectic day.

Roller massage chairs give you a real-life massage experience, but they are rather expensive. Heat pad chairs and airbag chairs are also expensive ones.

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