Facial Massage Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Many people notice that in the morning their face looks different. When they wake up, they look into the mirror, frowning at their “morning face.” they feel like in the morning they look tired and older and try lots of solutions to solve the problem.

There are many ways to try to make yourself look younger, from expensive make-up to even more expensive plastic surgery. Unfortunately, while you can apply daily make-up, it is more likely to age your skin in the long run than to repair it.

Simple techniques of facial massage can give you an instant facelift! You’re going to look more rested, improve your skin’s condition, and feel better.

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Amazing benefits of facial massage

Glowing skin

Try a 10-minute facial massage twice a week if you’ve always admired flawless skin. Facial massages by removing toxins give you healthy, glowing skin. This hydrates your face, making it more luminous and less puffy.

Wrinkle-free skin

Wrinkles are caused by collagen depletion in the skin, aggravated by facial expressions such as frowning. A face massage arouses collagen manufacturing so that your wrinkles are filled and your face sweated.

Lymphatic drainage

Facial removes toxins and water retention that slides and tones your skin while making it overall healthier.

Reduce uneven pigmentation

Impurities in the skin and decreased collagen cause uneven pigmentation, resulting in an uneven skin tone. A face massage helps to refuel moisture and remove dead skin cells from the top layer, improving the skin tone to even out.

Steps for facial massage

Start with a clean face. All over your hands and face, you can warm up a moisturizer of your choice.

  1. Collarbone

Take your fingers and, for 10 to 30 counts, tap your collarbone lightly.

  1. Neck

Put your hands in a fist and put your knuckles on the jawline edge. Glide your fingers down your throat (palm side facing you) and stop at your collarbone. Continue for counts from 10 to 30.

  1. Jaw

Put your hands in your fist and put both of your knuckles on your chin’s tip. Move them up your jawline and stop under your ears. Continue for counts from 10 to 30.

  1. Jawline

Scissor your hands and cup your ears so that two fingers are in front of your ears and the other two are in the back of your ears. Slide down your jawline with your hands and end with your chin. Continue for counts from 10 to 30.

  1. Forehead

Put your hands in a fist and put both knuckles in the center of your forehead before taking them in opposite directions to your temple. Use your fingers to make the touch even more gentle. Continue for counts from 10 to 30.

  1. Below eyes

Put your hands in a fist and put your knuckles on either side of your nose under your eyes. Moving your fingers up to your temples in a semicircle. Continue for 10 to 30 counts.

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