Dangers of Massage Chairs

In a busy life in today’s world, owning a massage chair is a blessing. It prevents you from the tiresome process of booking an appointment, waiting for your turn, and taking time out of your work routine.

But this blessing can turn in to a headache unless you keep the following points in your mind. Consider these facts seriously before using the massage chair.

Weight compatibility

There is a wide range of massage chairs available in the market with different weight capacities. Before buying a new massage chair or using the one you already possess, please ensure that it is according to your weight category.

As a result of overloading, the chair cannot perform well. Moreover, you can get fatigued, stiffening of muscles, and injuries due to this negligence.

Ensuring hygiene

In spas, a large number of people use the massage chairs. You have to place your head on the face cradle which you never know how many people have used before you. It may contain germs or bacteria, causing severe health issues.

This risk may be of a cold or some severe contagious infection. So, to protect yourself against this risk, you must put a piece of clean cloth or handkerchief in the face cradle.

You may like to use tissue papers to avoid direct contact with the surface. Not only this, but this step will also provide others with any germs you are carrying around.

Effects on blood pressure

A large number of people tend to use massage chairs for lowering their blood pressure. The massage chairs are known for their blood pressure-lowering quality by relaxing the body.

As a result, it may go too low if you already have low blood pressure. So, you must consult your doctor before using a massage chair to prevent any serious harm.

 Clotting reaction

Hand massage is a better option for people with an issue of coagulation or blood clotting. People who may bruise easily should also avoid using the massage chair as it can increase their problem.

Muscle tenderness or bruising can be a result of prolonged or too often the use of massage chairs. The same is the case with second and third-trimester pregnancy. You must consult your doctor before using massage chairs due to their effect on blood pressure and blood consistency.

Electromagnetism effects

Massage chairs use electricity, and it cannot work without electromagnetism. People with artificial equipment like pacemakers must use massage chairs only after having consulted their physicians.

It is crucial because the electric waves from the chair can disturb the function of such devices. Since the surgery and healing process of implanting these devices are complicated, you must discuss this with your doctor to prevent any serious mishap.

The same goes for the patients of seizures, epilepsy, or any other disease caused by electrical disproportion in the body.

General safety issues

Lousy maintenance, overuse, or negligence to follow appropriate safety measures during the chair massage are the general issues you must beware of. In other words, if you want to take full benefit of massage chairs, think carefully, and consider all these points.

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