Daiwa Legacy 9100 Review 2020 [TOP RATED]

Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Chair Review A massage chair is an answer to any type of problem. In case you had a tiring day and feeling dizzy, you can recover from it by just sitting on a massage chair.

If you’re looking for a high attributable massage chair with full of therapeutic advantages, then you must look for Daiwa Legacy massage chair 9100.

Daiwa is a Japanese word which means great harmony, even the organization’s motto matches with this.

Daiwa is the prime organization when it’s about advancing physical and mental health. The organization has everything in it which makes its service fast and solid.

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Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Chair Features

Features of Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Chair

Customer satisfaction is their priority, that’s the reason they design chairs in the way with durable material which gives the customers the utmost satisfaction.

The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair is the top one with numerous features which include rotation, foot rub rollers, no gravity, full body massage, etc.

Every year the changes to this massage chair series are made and they add multiple features every single time to make it look better than the previous one.

Everything can’t be 100% perfect, keeping in mind all the features of this chair, there are some limitations too and the biggest problem is that its hell expensive.

The first question which comes in the mind of customers that is investing this much is worth it? With the price tag of $$$$, the customers might give a second thought to go for another brand which is cheaper as compared to Daiwa.

Quad Rollers and Hybrid Design

This feature is the core of every massage chair. Deciding the correct track and choose the perfect rollers will have a huge impact on other massage chair characteristics.

The hybrid design is made in a way that gives you a long relaxing massage that reaches out under the seat to your thighs and other body parts which can be astounding.

Quad Rollers gives a real touch to this massage chair as it impersonates the feel of a massager’s hand and has many different massage options. Daiwa is improving day by day and bringing new features that will make the chair more conceivable.

3D Body Scanning

One more great feature of the Daiwa Legacy massage chair is the 3D body examination. Daiwa is trying its best to turn impossible into possible as this feature says it all.

Just before the beginning of the massage session, this chair automatically runs the 3D body scanning system and making small changes to the position and width of the rollers as per your body shape and size.

It also adjusts the chair as per your shoulder and chest by taking its measurement. This gives a customized massage as per the body measurements and makes sure that your body is precisely hitting the main points of rollers to produce the best possible results.

In case 3D scanning has not started automatically, then you can also start it manually through its remote.

Full Body Air Bag Massage Mode

Nowadays, massage chairs are incomplete without airbag massaging feature. This Daiwa Legacy massage chair consists of 48 airbags that are smartly placed in a way that can deliver a full-body air massage.

It makes sure that each body part is receiving the benefit from an air compression massage. Airbags located around the back part of the chair helps to provide air massage for shoulder part.

More airbags are located for the hand and arm massage near the armrest part of the chair. For the massage of calf muscles, legs, and feet the airbags are located on the leg area of the chair.

This is a good feature, but we can’t call it the best one given the cost of this chair because it’s not good for the people who don’t want full body massage experience.

Reflexology foot rollers

With airbag massage mode feature, This Daiwa massage chair also has triple row foot rollers specially designed for foot and sole massage.

Foot rollers are normally there in every massage chair, but this massage chair has additional features such as foot pads and ankle grips which makes this chair unique from other ones.

The ankle grip is used to hold the feet and make it immovable to make sure that the sole is touching the foot rollers. Airbags are placed in foot rollers for an extraordinary foot massage.

To decrease the density and intensity of the foot massage, extra foot cushions are located around the foot rollers.

Zero Gravity Seat

Another famous feature similar to rocking rotation one is zero-gravity seating which puts your body in an ideal position to feel relaxed.

This technology has upgraded the massage session and has made this experience more efficient. By changing the degree of the massage chair to a 30-degree angle it moves the gravitational point of the body from the back area to the hip zone.

The difference between the 2 stages of zero gravity is just seating. You can control it manually and automatically both by pressing the zero button, and the chair will automatically lean down to its position.

This feature would have been more beneficial if there were 3-4 seating options rather than one as it’s the most expensive chair in the market.

Deep Tissue Massage

Normal clients who utilize this massage chair for fun and relief won’t be willing to take a high-intensity massage. For these people, extra cushions are given which can reduce the intensity.

Whereas people suffering from continuous pain and are willing to do deep tissue massage requires an intense session as compared to normal clients, for which the can remove the extra pads from the seat.

There is no other option to increase the intensity other than this, which can be called as a failure given its cost.

Additional Bluetooth Feature

This built-in Bluetooth music system has enhanced this Daiwa chair and has taken it to a different level.

What else a customer wants when he can listen to music during a massage session. Superb speakers are placed on the head part of the chair for the best experience.

You can connect the Bluetooth device with your mobile, or iPod and listen to your favorite songs. This all works wireless, so you don’t need to worry about connecting your mobile via USB cables or with something else.

Automatic Features of Daiwa Massage Chair 9100

Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager Lounger (Black)

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The best way to take full advantage of this expensive massage chair is by using its automatic functions.

Each automatic function incorporates the special mixture of airbag massage and roller massage to provide extraordinary massage session.

The reviews which state that this massage chair has 18 automatic features are all fake ones.

This massage chair has 6 automatic features only in three different time counts of 10, 20, or 30 mins.

To make full use of these automatic features you need to select the auto option and choose a program likewise.

As soon as you select an option, it will automatically scan your body and will customize the chair as per your measurements.

You can choose the time of the massage through its settings. Some of the automatic program types include Auto Upper and Lower body massage, Relaxing session, Recovery session, and refreshing session etc.

Choosing Manual Massage Mode in Daiwa 9100

Choosing Manual Massage Mode in Daiwa 9100

  • Start customizing your massage session.
  • Select your massage option from the menu. It consists of five different types of massage which include rubbing, knocking, and shiatsu, etc.
  • Choose the area where rollers will function.
  • Customize the time settings as per your requirements. You can also change the roller’s width to improve the degree of control on your back.
  • Once you’re done with setting your roller and selecting the massage option, you can select the air massage mode for the body parts you want to take advantage of air massage.
  • There are 4 options on the menu which include, airbags on leg rest, armrest, airbags on the seat, and full airbag massage.
  • At last, you can choose the time of your massage as per your requirements.

Drawbacks of Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Chair

Drawbacks of Daiwa Legacy 9100 Massage Chair

This massage chair is very much beneficial for the customers who’re utilizing it, they’ve performed brilliantly when we look at some special features. But there are some drawbacks too given its high price.

  • If you investigate in the market, you can find a lot of cheaper massage chairs with more features and techniques as compared to Daiwa Massage Chair
  • The extensive heat feature is quite impressive, but it would be a lot better if more temperature controlling options were there.
  • There should be more methods to reduce the intensity level of the massage for the people who’re not suffering from chronic pain.
  • When you buy this chair, it comes in different boxes and it’s hard to assemble it. The method of joining all the pieces doesn’t match the instructions and you’re forced to hire someone to assemble the chair.
  • This massage chair has the features which are below average and worth less than the cost.
  • The stool part of the chair should be lowered down as the people cannot feel the sensation on the thighs through this massage.
  • Daiwa massage chair lacks in programming. Also, the customization of options during the session is unavailable which can be a problem when you try to change time settings.
  • It’s less beneficial for people with thin weight as compared to people who’re healthy as a chair is connected better with the heavy body rather than a thin one.

Final Verdict on Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair 9100

Final Verdict on Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair 9100

If a customer is burning his thousands of dollars on a massage chair, then he expects that he chooses the best one.

The question which comes in mind is that does this chair worth the thousands of dollars and is it the best option available in the market or no.  

After going through its features, we realized that some of its wonderful characteristics include Bluetooth system, airbag massage mode, foot rollers and many more which makes it different from its competitors.

On the other side, spending $$$ in one go can be a bit tough option, so without hesitating you must investigate alternatives of this Daiwa Legacy massage chair.

With this price tag, you have a lot of options including Ogawa Smart 3D, Osaka Premium massage chair, and Inada Dream Wave massage chair. You must read this review and have a look at other massage chair reviews before making a decision.

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