BM-EC06C Massage Chair Review

BestMassage EC-06C Massage Chair Review

What could be better than a full body shiatsu massage in your own massage chair after a long day at work to take away all your aches and pains?

Of course, it would be nice to have a massage for you, but for most people, it is much more convenient and affordable to have a personal massage chair that is ready to give you a massage.

This review will help you in determining whether the BM-EC06c is the right chair.

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BestMassage BM-EC06C Review

How BestMassage BM-EC06C is unique?

With its cost-effective price tag along with a list of features, not every other massage chair has, this bm ec06 is differentiated from other competitors in the field.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room, Black

The options found with this massage chair are near what’s offered by other high-end machines at a unique tag. You can use this chair to massage the entire head to toe.

Eight massage functions: having eight different massage functions to work to elevate your body and mind would undoubtedly do some good for your health.

This chair provides the following features for the massage.


An extreme therapy to relief knots around your neck and shoulders.  It also reduces stress around your back and spine.


The use of a powerful rolling technique that not only works with the tissues but also around the muscles is a shiatsu massage therapy with deep tissue.


Intended to relax throughout the lower final stages in order to increase flexibility, blood flow, and posture.


This chair uses the scanning process of your body to treat your tension of muscles and tissues based on your body structure.


A deep tissue massage to reduce muscle stiffness and pain, increase the strength of tissues, improve blood circulation, detoxify your body and stimulate nerves.


Hasty hand movements and tap action throughout your back to reduce the pain and rigidity of your muscles. It also reduces the fat storage of your body.


Rollers are placed all over your massage chair’s back. These strong rollers work up and down your area of the neck and target pressure points.


Vibration massage works wonders to reduce and detoxify your body’s level of impurities. Not just that, but it also enhances your body’s blood and lymph fluid flow.

What we liked
  • This chair has heated foot soles that are not as common as you might think and can be challenging to find in other chairs.
  • The heated foot feature is a plus when it comes to chairs when warm feet are essential to you.
  • Quite affordable, with many features typically found in more expensive models.
  • A good chair for very tall people, and a comfortable fit for the arms as well.
  • It comes with clear instructions showing you how the controls and assembly of the chair work correctly.
  • Facilitated to assemble.
  • The long-range capacity of the BM-EC06c enables massage strokes to reach higher and lower body points.
  • You’ll get more out of every massage experience with this range of coverage.
What we didn't like
  • This chair, weighing approximately 185 lbs, is quite large and heavy; some customers may need to remove the doors and hinges to bring it to the house. Moving around once it’s in isn’t too tricky.
  • To find their contact information, you’ll need to go to the website. There is not too much information about the manufacturer, and finding someone to help you might be challenging.

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Is a recliner chair virtuous for your back?

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room, Black

Many people using recliner chairs are wondering if they are suitable for their backs.

Studies and some medical professionals agree that recliner chairs offer a number of health benefits.

Including soothing varicose veins, reducing hip and leg pain and relieving back pain, notably lower back pain.

The fact is that back pain is one of the doctors ‘ most frequent complaints.

This can be understood as standing or sitting, injuries, and being overweight can all cause back pain.

A recliner chair takes off the back weight by putting you in a position of reclining or lying down.

Features of BM-EC06C

Preset auto programs

BestMassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair Review

Four preset auto massage programs are available at the bm-EC06c.

These are recovery programs, relax programs, extended program and refresh programs.

Each program provides the appropriate massage. The relax program, for example, provides you with a massage to relax tight muscles.

Anyone can easily access these easy-to-use programs just by pressing a button.

S-track design

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room, Black

The built-in S track rolling system is vertically integrated into the chair.

It is designed for a range of body contours and spinal forms to deliver hand-like massages down to your tail bone.

The massage motion works the vertebrae of the user to alleviate all stress and strain.

It relaxes the nerves of the body to improve the posture of the spinal cord.

The rollers are also heated slightly, offering improved therapeutic relief.

Lumbar and foot heat

Offering lumbar and foot heat therapy is almost unusual for a basic massage chair, but the bm-ec06c provides just that, a dream come true! Activate this feature in both these regions to experience muscle relief. A bonus is that not only the calves but also the feet’s sole receive heat.

Intelligent roller system

The intelligent roller system matches the individual curvature of a person’s spine and back shape. So when they sit down they can be individually massaged.

The rollers are supposed to use massage strokes that resemble human touch feeling. These powerful massage rollers provide results for shiatsu, such as lower muscle stress, reduced fatigue, and restoration of your body and mind.

Automatic body scan

They don’t describe this feature as being 3d body scan technology in fairness to bestmassage, but it’s clear they’re trying to emulate this.

Their scanning function, unfortunately, falls a little short of the mark. Even if the body scan technology mainstream brands offer is not as good or as precise, it’s not terrible.

However, it may sometimes miss the mark, causing the rollers to be out of position slightly. Unfortunately, for such errors, there is no manual way to correct it.

You are therefore left to change your seat position to let the rollers hit the spots you need them. While this doesn’t always happen, when it does, don’t be surprised.

Massage heads targeting the neck

The BM-EC06c massage chair with various massage heads is produced by Bestmassage. It tries to imitate your clients ‘ experience in professional massage therapy.

The massage heads are intended to focus on tsubo points inside a human’s neck. It eradicates or lifts the energy from stressful sources effectively.

One of the objectives of the BM-EC06c massage heads is to completely relieve the body from the section around the back of the tailbone.

Control panel that is easy to operate

One reversal of this chair is that there is no remote control. Instead, you must use an easy to use control panel to operate the chair.

Since the chair offers limited features, there is no rocket science here. Just read the labels and work; it’s all you need to do accordingly.

Effective massage

It features a combination of shiatsu massage on the back, a massage of the air on the legs and arms and vibrating massage of buttocks. \

It will not match the high-end massage chair’s quality, but for the price, it is still perfect. The massage works to release tense muscle stress and ache.

In contrast to the 15-20 minutes offered by most of its competitors, this chair also provides a massage time of up to 30 minutes.

Air massage mode

Our BM-EC06c bestmassage review would not be complete without the air massage being given a particular node of approval. This is one of the chair’s best features to offer.

The quality of the massage you obtain is comparable with the mainstream brand name chairs with 30 airbags of the first generation.

It has more airbags than many much more expensive chairs. Even better, with three different intensity settings, you can customize the massage you get from it, for such a low-priced chair, it makes it surprisingly robust.

Massage of the calf and the foot

The calf and foot massages of this chair are a bit exclusive. In contrast to regular recliners for massage, bm-ec06c uses only airbags, kicking rollers to the curb.

Even if most of us use the rollers. This might be a kind of massage worth experiencing as you might be surprised by the style and intensity of the massage.

BM-EC06 coverage

The product is a full chair recliner that can cover all areas of the body, such as your neck and feet, and everything else.

A feature that works by targeting tsubo points has also been added by its maker. These points are the areas of stress relief. The 30 airbags that are integrated into the unit are added to the full coverage.

Did you know that 20 of those in the lower portion of the chair are also strategically positioned? It merely means that with the whole massage on the various parts of the body, including your calves, thighs, and legs, it can give you.


A one-year warranty covers the chair, which covers parts and labor. A warning though, customers complained that the seller did not receive adequate support so you could have trouble or not being honored with the guarantee.

You must weigh the risk of poor assistance with a significantly lower price, so decide which one you want.

Product review from customers

The majority of users are happy with the product. Just because it provides the required features at an affordable price in an entry-level chair.

A few favorite remarks about the massage chair are that sitting on is really comfortable and the massages are very relaxed. It can help with the everyday relief regime.

Although the calf massaging system some customers find somewhat inefficient and the headrest too uneasy. Most people who purchased the chair appeared happy about their decision.

Anything missing?

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room, Black

A few things are missing from the chair. Being a cheaper chair, it does not have zero positionings of gravity, which significantly enhances the massage experience.

The inada Sogno Dreamwave is an excellent example of zero gravity in action. Although its loftier design is of course priced to reflect. Some buyers were frustrated with customer support from the seller.

The BM-EC06c is not made by a particular branded company, and it is a chair that is produced and then shipped to various sellers who can put on it their own brand.

So while you are going to get excellent support from some sellers, some might not.

That said, the lower price may be worth the risk of the seller receiving poor support.

It’s also a massive chair. So it’s unlikely to attract those who want to move it around on a regular basis.

The ijoy-2580 is nearly 150 lb lighter at a similar price, although it does not boast the range of features that the BM-EC06c bestmassage has to offer.


The different styles of massages, including kneading, rolling and compression, all help to relieve and alleviate muscle ache.

While it provides an incredible amount of features at a reasonable price, however, it is essential to be aware that it cannot compete with more expensive models like the Osaki os-4000 and the fujimi ep8800 in terms of high-quality massage.

However, since it is a fraction of the price, this may be a compromise that you are ready to compromise.

Essentially, it is an excellent all-around performer that offers an enjoyable massage that can be tailored to your specific needs.

You surely get a lot of technology for your money when you spend in bestmassage bm-ec06c.

Overall, we recommend the BestMassage BM-EC06c massage if you want to spend more and take full advantage of its benefits, including total relaxation, improved blood circulation, posture, mobility and flexibility, and home massage at any time.  So this is our review, hopefully, now your mind. is clear.

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