Best Massage Techniques for Headaches

Massage is meant by a therapy that uses the touch to press, rub the skin, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

It is used to treat several health issues and provides numerous medical advantages, including decreased tension, prevention of pain, etc.

In addition to these health advantages, massage is also used to provide utmost relaxation, to give feelings of care, connection and comfort.

The people who’re suffering from migraines are highly recommended to take massage sessions as its one of the best techniques to lower down the pain.

Millions of people every day suffer from migraine and headache issues, which can be caused because of environmental factors, lifestyle changes, or hereditary.

Massage therapists can provide them relief by giving a small massage session. There are different types of headaches which you can encounter, with different types of massage techniques which can give you relief.

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Types of Headaches

1) Tension-Type Headache

This type of headache is the most common one faced by people.

They don’t often go to the doctor for this, and to figure out the actual reason for this type of headache is difficult.

It can be caused because of stress and pressure the head.

This type of headache is often called migraine too, but both are different.

2) Vascular Headaches

This type of headache consists of 4 different subtypes of headaches including sinus headache, migraines, aura, and cluster headache.

Usually, women suffer more from migraine headaches as compared to men due to changes in hormones. Migraine can cause a severe headache on usually one or both sides of your head.

Massage Techniques for Headache

1) Treatment for Tension Headaches

Best Massage Techniques for Headaches 6

The people who’re suffering from a tension headache can think of massage therapy as a very good option.

Massage not only reduces the headaches, but it decreases its pain too.

These headaches sometimes happen because blood is not able to flow properly as it should.

Message therapy helps the blood to flow freely where it requires, which will lead to a decrease in pain in those areas.

Only a 30 mins massage can show some significant physical and mental improvements.

2) Natural Relief for Migraine

About one person out of 7 faces, the problem of migraine headaches.

It can be a tough challenge to live with it as they have to go through palpitations, nausea pain, etc.

Remedial massage can be a good option for people suffering from migraines.

A recent study proved that massage could reduce the recurrence of headaches and improved sleep for the patients who’re suffering from chronic migraines.

For those people, neck massage and spinal rub can be a better option which can lead to a reduction in pain.

Another research stated that massaging scalp can reduce the pain of migraines. Instead of keeping yourself in the darkroom for relief, home massage for your headache can be a better and permanent option.

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