Best Massage Chair [2020 Top Rated Chairs Review]

Best Massage ChairsLooking for the best massage chair for 2020? You’ve come to the right place!

Life is becoming busier day by day. Everyday, routine does not spares relaxing time for a person but it’s necessary for the health of a person to relax his mind and body.

Message chairs are very effective and ideal in serving this goal. The Best Massage Chair provides flexibility and a very soothing massage to the user. So, a person needs not to go to the spa if he is using this chair.

This is not a decorative piece around bedroom but instead, it relaxes your body and reinforces your mind by reducing tensions of routine.

Massage Chair provides you a calming and stress-free experience. This provides you a personalized relaxing massage after a hectic routine.

Here are our recommended top 10 best massage chairs to buy in 2020.

Best Massage Chair Reviews 2020 [Top Picks]

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

AECOJOY Massage Chair (PU Leather, Brown Massage Chair)

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Esright Massage recliner chair is an ergonomic massage chair which is made up of high-quality materials and possesses multiple functionalities.

It provides a swivel of 360 degrees and provides a reclining feature of 150 degrees.

This massage chair provides remote control which is very easy to use from sitting down to rest in second.

You are not required to get up, you only need to sit upright to know all that is happening around you.

This massage chair is very better for surgery and other injuries that need to be recovered. This chair possesses the capability of heating and massaging your muscles so, it increases your neck, back, and many other joints.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair has a remote control and power cord, So the user does not need to spend his physical energy in order to move his recliner.

The user can easily choose between 5 control types and two intensity levels simply by pressing a button. This property makes it very suitable for a range of people and a range of patients.

This esright recliner is made up of soft PU leather which is of very high quality. This massage chair has very high strength and is very strong and can be used daily.

This massage chair has an extra very thick which eradicates worry about back, arms or leg disorders.

This massage chair is very good for drinks and book storage because the 360-degree swivel esright massage recliner chair comes with 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags.

What we liked
  • It can be mounted out in time less than 10 minutes.
  • It has a very clean and simple design and it is a very comfortable, soothing and spacious chair.
  • This swivel and recline motion of this massage chair is very accurate and faultless and transitions are carried out smoothly from one mode to another.
  • The chair has side pockets which are capable of holding magazine storage, snacks and remote control, etc
What we didn't like
  • It has relaxing features and is not suitable for those who want a tougher massage.
  • The heating feature and massage feature of this chair are not separately operated, these two features need to be operated separately.
  • The cup holders only fit a coffee mug or something larger and are just large enough for a beer bottle or soda can.
  • It requires effort to Pulling out and pushing in the footrest.

Infinity It-8500 Massage Chair 2020

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500-AT Massage Chair, One Size, Artistic Taupe

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Infinity it-8500 is at the second place in our top picks for best massage chairs. It is one of the high and best-selling massage chairs.

It has comprehensive massage adjustment systems in comparison to any other massage chair which gives you the control of your massage in your hands.

8500 Zero Gravity massage chair is very easy to use You can start your message simply by pressing a button and it permits you to do almost anything with your massage.

It 8500 is capable of body scanning and it is one of its best features. This feature is the basis for personalized massage and is part of modern massage chairs.

The roller glides up your spinal cord when you start massage program and enter your height and form. This assures that the massage is being carried out on an individual basis because the pre-programmed massage scaling routines into your body shape.

For massage operation, the infinite zero gravity massage chair it-8500 has a quad-style roller for massage operation on the 30 “s” massage track. This massage roller is similar in design to a human and massage the user.

This massage chair is very effective due to its inversion cleverly combines the airbag system and zero gravity due to which this chair is capable of relaxing and stretching your muscles. This concept is absent in many other massage chairs.

Every modern massage chair has zero gravity capacity. it lifts your legs and decreases the impact of gravity on the user’s joints. It permits you to relax around muscles by decompressing your joints.

It gives a feeling of weightlessness to some users during massage. The backrest of this massage chair is loaded with rear massage rollers which provide massage of lower tissue without the massage chair having to work harder.

What we liked
  • It provides effective comfortable and calming results for full body massage due to stretch decompressing technology.
  • It is capable of providing heat of high intensity for deep tissue massage with lower and upper back due to Lumbar heat technology.
  • the chair is loaded with two zero gravity positions, with true weightlessness
  • the chair has USB sound system, so the user can hear music or other mp3 files during massage.
What we didn't like
  • No heat blanket is included.
  • This chair provides a strong foot massage.
  • It is very tough to install and move

Electric 06c Shiatsu Massage Chair 2020

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room PS4,Burgundy

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This is considered as the best zero gravity massage chairs for its price and it provides you the same sensation of shiatsu massage.

It produces the same outcomes of shiatsu massage and reduces pain after massage session with just the right amount of pressure.

It reduces muscle stress and decreases mind and body tiredness and provides rejuvenation. It has power rollers that roam around the right areas to decrease pressure.

The electric 06c shiatsu provides compression and percussion to the user’s body.

It applies accurate pressure by these massage techniques and improves leg posture of the user and also improves the body’s flexibility and mobility.

It is very suitable for physical workers and athletes because they need more flexibility during their works.

This massage chair conforms to your body and is made of genuine leather and quality padding that has the same shape as your neck and back. It is not very expensive and is of good quality.

However, It is difficult to carry inside and assemble. It has easy-to-follow instructions, which consumes a few hours to set it up and takes two people only for set up. This massage chair is very easy to use so the user can get a massage easily.

What we liked
  • It is easily affordable and is of good quality
  • For good quality and appearance, it is made up of genuine leather.
  • This company of massage chairs has a very fast delivery customer service
  • It is suitable for ranges of heights of people and can be used in all shapes.
  • It targets on both areas of neck pain and decreases back pain.
  • It requires approximately two hours for its setup
  • It looks good and is not very spacious
What we didn't like
  • The user may find it a little hard to comprehend the instructions
  • It is not very costly and is not very durable in comparison to other expensive massage chairs.
  • Cheap but not as durable massage chair as other more expensive chairs.
  • It is difficult and hard to move around the massage chair once it is assembled
  • Some chairs emit little or no heat at all.
  • It is delivered at the curbside, so you have to make arrangements to put it inside your space.

Osaki Os 4000 Massage Reclining Chair 2020

OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery: Brown/Black

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The fourth product in the context of best massage chairs is Osaki os 4000 massage chair.

It is one of Osaki’s most popular product line models. It is loaded with luxury and many outstanding characteristics.

This massage chair is produced for maximum relief and the spinal contour with the S-Track System.

The S-Track system works without losing pressure or support and permits the movement of the reels from the neck to the bottom.

This massage chair has the zero-gravity function as one of the most interesting features.

By pressing a button, the Osaki os 4000 makes the body to rest in a neutral position and reduces the vertical pressure on the spine and permit the muscles to soothe and maximize the massage strength.

The Osaki os 4000 gravity full body massage chair is provided with two stages of zero-gravity, which is the distinction between both.

The higher reclining level takes the legs above the heart, which improves massage intensity and enhances blood circulation in the body.

The Osaki 4000 has reduced the number of airbags and increased surface area. Fewer airbags reduce noise, consume less electricity and provide more relaxation thereby providing more effective and more natural massage.

The Osaki 4000 has the ability to scan the body to conclude the form and size of the user before starting the massage.

Following precise information on the user’s back curvature, the chair is automatically adjusted to provide highly effective and accurate massage.

The Osaki os 4000 massage chair comprises five intensity levels having a total of five-speed levels that allows the users to control airbags and roller massages.

To adjust the dissimilarities in leg length between users, the Osaki 4000 calf and foot massage is regulated automatically at the start of massage according to the length of the user’s leg. This focuses massage on the right areas and also makes the massage more comfortable

What we liked
  • Great customization is offered by 5-30 minutes of massage schedule
  • The automatic shut-off timer is activated manually.
  • Durability is increased by PU leather.
  • The air pressure massage system highly targets hips and shoulders.
  • Maximum relaxation is given by two different positions of zero gravity
What we didn't like
  • Massage chair’s backseat rollers are relatively delicate.
  • The text written on the controllers is very small which becomes difficult for the users to read the text or instructions in the dimly lighted area.
  • The weight of chair 260 pounds and it is delivered unassembled which in turn makes assembly of chair very tough and this becomes a time-consuming process.
  • Only three years of warranty is given with the massage chair.

Kahuna Lm6800 Massage Chair 2020

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Affordable Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Armrest Linkage System, Heat and Foot Roller, Black

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Kahuna lm6800 has many useful characteristics. It has 3 zero gravity rectory features and double layer shoulder airbags. This massage chair is highly comfortable and soothing.

It has “l-track” in comparison to some other massage chairs which have “s-track”. This permits total back and lowers back massage.

The users of this chair experience massage that extends from their neck to their tail and their toes.

This massage chair has an amazing feature of l-track roller design. It has another important feature of zero gravity. It is very effective for the body because it disperses abnormal pressure throughout.

It contributes to more simplistic and potentially less market-driven terms of user weight across the chair.

This massage chair has also characteristics of body scanning which, based on its definite measurements, permits a more personalized user experience.

This massage chair is not very costly but possess all good features for massage. It has fewer airbags and by use of air massage technology, these airbags are used to cover the desired surface area.

What we liked
  • This massage chair possesses 3 zero gravity levels.
  • The Yoga stretching feature of this massage chair is highly effective, so it provides you with the sensation when you stretch your back muscles.
  • The sh-chiro feature is very effective for people with spinal pain with the required relief.
  • Good value–this massage chair has a good value and is available at a reasonable price.
What we didn't like
  • A foot massage can be rough–the rollers used for foot massaging may be a bit rough, so some people may find it annoying
  • Remote beeping sound– when message session is about to end then the remote of the chair produces a loud beeping sound which may annoy and embarrass some users.

RelaxonChair Mk-Ii Massage Chair Plus

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System - Charcoal

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This massage chair is very outstanding for deep tissue massages. This chair has amazing features like zero gravity massage with the incorporated heating system.

It is very suitable for persons who are in search of the latest therapy technology.

This massage chair has an l-track system that supports the body of the users due to its design.

This system has a four-wheel roller that fits the curves of the body of users and extends massage from neck to spine to buttocks.

The users feel relaxed because the design allows every spine of the body is compressed by a series of vertical motions.

This massage chair measures the length of the backbone of the user and his size due to this technique which in turn makes the massage chair adapt to the size of users and offers personalized massage to the users.

It has the feature of zero gravity which raises the feet of the users to the same level as their hearts which spreads the weight of the user giving the sensation of weightlessness to the user.

This feature of zero gravity has three levels that minimize the strain on the user’s vertebrae at varying intensities.

This technology has the capacity to covering most of the surface area with a few bags as possible due to its highly unique design.

It is programmed for separate inflations of airbags which cause the body to twist and deepen. This massage refreshes the user to a great extent due to its amazing features.

It provides full body massage and deep tissue massage and focuses mostly on the lower back.

The pressure and muscle aches of the back region are released by lumbar back heating. Beauty hip massage emphasizes airbag compression therapy throughout the back, tail and pelvic.

What we liked
  • It is available at a reasonable price
  • It has good customer service reports
  • It has many characteristics like heat therapy, zero gravity etc.
  • Positive feedback is given by a large number of users.
What we didn't like
  • Some users find foot massage too rigorous
  • The remote control may be confusing for some users at the beginning
  • Manual instructions for owners may be unclear for some users.

Inada Sogno Massage Chair 2020

INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown

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Inada Sogno massage chair improves natural healing and designed by shiatsu massage and is one of the best massage chairs.

This massage chair provides a unique, high-end body experience that is developed with various massage features.

The Sogno has five new proprietary functions. Shiatsu is offered by its unique air-acquisition and at the same time leads to kneading and soft massages for neck and shoulder.

This level of comfort is not offered by standard massage mechanisms.

The function of the full-arm is based around the entire arm which has twenty-two inflating cushions that extend from the fingertips to the upper arms and provide gentle and therapeutic manipulation driven by air.

At the end of the session, the characteristic of the lavish dream wave aligns users’ muscles

The entire stretch of the body is achieved by this massage chair. In an arc, the upper body of the user is extended.

It relieves stress on the adolescent body enabling the user to remain relaxed for a long time.

Sogno is the easiest to operate. The remote is attached to the smart chair with the appropriate cable. You can choose the ideal massage technique from eight pre-programmed sessions.

You can choose the ideal massage technique, with intuitive control buttons. The user has the chance to Customize his experience.

What we liked
  • It is highly adjustable for personal preferences due to the 3d roller mechanism
  • Shiatsu calf and foot relaxation is provided by this massage chair
  • It has the property of adjusting from five to six and a half feet to the user’s height and body size
  • Massage of the entire arm is provided by this massage chair
What we didn't like
  • Some users may become uncomfortable because the remote is not wireless.
  • It doesn’t come together completely.

Infinity IT-8500X3-EB IT Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chairs IT-8500X3-EB IT-8500X3, Chocolate Brown

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Iyashi massage chair has incorporated many of the zen master and ti chi massage techniques. it has 49′′ roller stroke and this cutting-edge design uses the longest massage stroke ever appeared in the market.

The mechanism of this massage extends from users’ neck to track your gluteus muscles under and including them.

This massage chair relieves 35% more stress in comparison to any massage chair existing in the market. Iyashi has many unique technologies.

Continuous strokes of massage are provided by this massage chair which extends from the cervical spine throughout the lumbar region that relieves a large amount of stress.

The user is recommended to sit deep down in the massage chair which provides kneading massage improving overall blood circulation and promotes healthy digestion. Infinite iyashi makes the user very comfortable in 20 minutes

This cutting-edge design provides this massage chair the characteristic of providing the longest massage stroke ever on the market.

This mechanism works throughout the entire neck to track and include your gluteal muscles.

Iyashi has the feature of reviving 35% more of your being than any existing massage chair. The user experiences 49 inches stroke length cannot be experienced in any other world massage chair.

This massage chair is provided with 20 Airbags and 4 rolling massagers at each foot of the massage chair.

All airbags are designed to provide massages in the sole, arch, heel and ankle squeeze, kneading, rolling and swinging.

Every leg of the massage chair is composed of 20 airbags giving users feet a regenerated and healthier feeling along with deep tissue massage which increases the blood flow.

Triple airbags are present under both shoulders which give massage motions that are very refreshing.

The massage chair is provided with a strong heating function to soothe the user’s back muscles.

The heating modules warm up softly to reduce pain, tension and restore muscle stiffness and blood circulation.

What we liked
  • It has 49” l-track track method that works effectively for taller persons
  • It provides Innovative and unique massages. Thai stretch and posture correction are also provided.
  • This includes heating technology for the region of the lobster and foot massage rollers.
  • Bluetooth speakers are also provided with the massage chair.
What we didn't like
  • The rollers in this massage chair are 2d rather than 3d or 4d.
  • The price can be somewhat higher for the model using 2d rollers.

Luraco I Robotics Massage Chair I7

iRobotics i7 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by LURACO TECHNOLOGIES, INC

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This massage chair is manufactured and designed in the US and some of its parts are imported from Taiwan.

It is completely a leather chair. This chair is highly suitable for therapeutic purposes and has a warranty of five years. Moreover, it is very easy to use.

This massage chair accommodates the curve and fits the spine of the user due to the s-track feature. Moreover, it allows the rollers to cover the whole surface of the back.

It has various advantages due to its ergonomically design, it extends up to the user’s buttock and is a very long track.

This is a patented medical device because it is a 3d robotic massage chair. This chair keeps an account of the user’s blood pressure and heart rate to ensure proper massage.

This massage chair provides full-body heating and has lower back, seat and foot heat available.

This massage relaxes muscles. Foot massage is increased by pedal rollers and this chair is very famous for its amazing foot massage.

Two-foot rollers provide more intensive massage than 4-foot rollers because they provide more deep and aggressive massage.

Quad rollers cover a bigger surface because it has 4 rollers instead of 2 rollers.

What we liked
  • New robotic 3d technology is used in designing this massage chair.
  • It works on every single part of the body because it contains computerized massage programs
  • For lower back and hip massage, superior techniques are used.
  • It provides advanced sole massages with double rollers for a back massage.
  • It has upgraded remote control of 3d touches sensing.
What we didn't like
  • It is very costly as compared to other massage chairs with these features.
  • It has a bit of complex functionality.

Panasonic Massage Chair Ep30007

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair, Black

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The last massage chair in our rankings is Panasonic ep30007. This massage chair fulfills all its claims related to its massage chair.

This chair produces a very silent sound which keeps the environment around very calm and serene.

The ep30007 Panasonic massage chair is very effective for intensified massage and is also suitable for bulky individuals.

This equipment remains in the same condition as when the user bought it and the user can have a long relaxing massage on this chair.

This massage chair has a powerful massage system that is capable of eliminating the pain from almost all parts of the user’s body.

The manual instructions of Panasonic massage recliners are readable and can be easily understood.

The recall feature of the Panasonic pro massage chair can spare the user up to four massage modes and the user can thus save his desired mode keeping the desired modes of other users undisturbed.

Convenient preset massage solutions are offered by Panasonic back massager which also allows the user to have a personalized massage.

What we liked
  • Its program routines for manual massage.
  • One-button massage routine is offered by remote multifunction.
  • Comes in both black and brown colors.
What we didn't like
  • It is expensive in comparison to other massage chairs.
  • May is not fit very large users.
  • The chair weighs 220 pounds and is heavy and very difficult to move.

Best Practices to buy the Best Massage Chair in 2020

What is your budget?

Massage chairs are available in the market in different range prices. Some of the best massage chairs can range in value between several hundred to a few thousand dollars.

But if such an amount is crossing your budget then you can also use massage chairs below a thousand dollars like there are chairs under $$$ out there.

What characteristics are you looking for?

Some massage chairs provide only basic functions, and some provide advanced functions along with basic functions.

You should check these chairs if you want to differentiate between these two chairs.

A massage chair offering basic settings should provide styles such as tapping, rolls, and shiatsu.

The massage chairs offering advanced features provide good add-ons that provide you benefits.

These advanced features include body scanning systems and heated massage heads. Therefore, if you need these features, only in that case purchase these massage chairs. Otherwise, you can use ordinary massage chairs with basic functions.

What’s the massage chair warranty?

Every company has a policy of offering a guarantee to the customer. It is recommended for you to buy a massage chair with a segmental design because it can be easily repaired at your place without the manufacturer having it returned.

Therefore, you are highly recommended to buy a massage chair from a well-known brand that provides you At least 3 years of in-house guarantee.

What are the massage chair’s best and most trusted brands?

Inada, infinity, cozzia, luraco, Panasonic, Osaki, and human touch are well-known brands of massage chairs and are top-performing.

These brands of massage chairs are very reliable in the US. Luraco inada and Panasonic are Japanese whereas Luraco is manufactured in the US.

Where was it made?

China is famous for its low quality and cheap stuff. We can assume the same for several massage chairs that are being produced in China.

It is worth mentioning that China has improved the quality of stuff over in recent years. On the other hand, Japan is very famous for its outstanding massage chairs.

For example, only two Japanese brands are own with the rate of failure of less than 1 percent. These two Japanese brands are Panasonic and Inada.

Who will use the best massage chair?

All characteristics of massage are provided by massage chairs. But it is highly recommended for the users to know the weight and height limitations of massage chairs.

Therefore, it is suggested for you to go to the showroom of massage chairs and test a massage chair for you according to your height and weight.

If a person is using a massage chair which is with respect to his height or weight, then that massage chair becomes very annoying.

Some massage chairs are unable to provide services to persons having height 5’10 “or 6.’

Most of the massage chairs are suitable for persons having weight up to 65-285.

But some massage chairs are capable of holding weight up to more than 300 lbs. Standard massage chairs have the capability of accommodating people of height up to 5’11 to 6.

Do you have space available for the best massage chair in your home or office?

Massage chairs are large and voluminous, so the user needs to reserve some space for the massage chair at his home or office or anywhere he needs to use the massage chair.

If you have little space at your place, then you are recommended to use a massage chair with an ask sliding basis that permits it to extend and relax automatically and returns to its original position when the user is done with massage.

Best Massage Chairs Conclusion

Massage chairs are based on the need for relaxing and stress relief. You can trust us we will serve you by saving your stress with specialized applications if you feel the relaxing massages with a High-end massage Chair.

Esright Massage recliner chair is the best massage chair in our rankings. This massage chair has the best material and comfort level.

The chair can be mounted out in time less than 10 minutes and has a very clean and simple design.

All the top picks are the best massage chairs and you will never get disappointed by choosing any one of them.

The more individualization, the better relief from pain and stress is available, the more agreeable.

The relief from the best chair can help the person feel joyful and ready to deal with anything the day needs to throw at them.

Install your decision carefully and add one soon to your home, rather than thinking about it. It’s valuable.

Enjoyed reading Best Massage Chairs Review 2020? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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