6 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage (HELPFUL)

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage technique in which an experienced massager massages the client using heat stones.

He usually places the stones onto specific parts of the body including back, stomach, hands, feet, and face.

The heat stones are hundreds of years old and are 100% unique.

Which can be the best way to reduce the tightness of muscles and can be a smart way to treat sore or aggravated muscles.

The stones are made of basalt which is a type of black volcano rock that ranges from little to huge and can be found near the river or sea. Hot massage stones are heated between 100-150 degrees.

This massage therapy is usually used to provide the utmost relaxation and to ease tense muscles and to heal damaged soft tissues.

This is a delicate and critical massage, so it is important to look for a professional therapist to perform this therapy.

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Hot Stone Massage Technique

Hot Stone Massage Technique

The massage stones will be heated in the hot water ranging from 100-150 degrees.

The therapist will begin the session with Swedish massage for 10-15 mins.

After the stones are heated, the therapist will take the stones off from the water and will begin massaging your skin.

Big stones will be used for a person with big muscles and smalls stones will be used for the back.

As soon as stones are cooled down, the therapist can either put the stones aside or he can place it on back, spine or hands for a better feeling

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Promotes Sleep

Stone Massage Technique

Doctors have proved that Hot Stone Massage can be an alternate method of sleeping pills for patients suffering from stress or insomnia.

Back massage can promote sleep and provide the utmost satisfaction.

Stress Relief

Hot Stone Massage is a compelling strategy for stress relief. It reduces stress, pressure, uneasiness, depression and it improves cardiovascular health.

Increase Flexibility

massage stone benefits

Muscle strain can make it painful and tougher to move the joints.

This massage helps the muscles to relax and increase the comfortability level.

It even prevents any sort of disorder or disability from happening.

Pain Relief

Hot Stone Massage is mainly recommended for the people who play sports or do the regular workout as it helps to fight from any sort of pain.

Improve Immune System

This massage is capable to lower down blood pressure and water retention which is managing hormones in the body. This can lead to a better immune system.

Helpful during cancer treatment

The pain which occurs during the treatment of cancer can be agonizing and cannot be prevented even with medicines.

Methods such as aromatherapy, reiki, and Hot stone massage can be a great technique for stress and pain relief which can make the recuperation process easier for patients treating cancer.

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