Are Massage Chairs Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a moment when you have to ask all you do and double-check whether what you’re doing is secure. One of these factors is the question of using a massage chair during pregnancy.

Any pregnant female needs a nice massage to relieve pain in the back, shoulder, arms, and legs, but is it secure to use a vibrating massage chair during pregnancy?

There is a lot of conflicting data about the compatibility of a massage chair and pregnancy. Let’s attempt to comprehend all that confusion and contradictions.

Is it safe to use a vibrating massage chair during pregnancy?

Massage on a massage chair, as most scientists claim, helps enhance the upper body’s circulation, thereby offering relief from pains of multiple origins. A massage chair was created based on this idea.

Can these specific chairs be secure for pregnant females, though? Can vibrations from the “electric chair” demonstrate fatal to the womb’s fetus?

The womb fetus is surrounded by an amniotic membrane that includes amniotic fluid. This fluid and sheath make up the “airbag,” thus offering adequate protection for the growing fetus.

It is unlikely that sitting on a vibrating massage chair will impact the fetus. Vibrations triggered by the chair are about the same vibrations that happen when walking, and we understand they do not cause damage.

The next factor that concerns potential mothers is electromagnetic radiation because the chair is driven by electricity. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the chair systems, however, is not powerful enough to damage an increasing fetus.

Very often in the town, and in your house, you are subjected to much more strong radiation, such as a mobile phone or wireless Internet device. We can, therefore, say that the use of a massage chair can be secure at all phases of pregnancy.

After this sentence, I will enable myself to intervene in the course of our argument and, as a physician, I will offer significant suggestions on the use of pregnant females of the massage chair.

Recommendations for using a massage chair during pregnancy

  • It is best to use a massage chair during the second and third trimesters because a greater risk of miscarriage is associated with the first trimester. A pregnant woman can sit in a vibrating massage chair for no more than 15–20 minutes twice a day. Exceeding this time can have the opposite effect and not ease, but increase pain.
  • While you are pregnant, you use a massage chair in moderation; there will be no harm to you or the developing fetus. In general, vibrating massage chairs are safe for pregnant women, however, if you have a big belly, you need to ensure that it is not pinched and pressure is not exerted on it while you are sitting in the chair.
  • If you have recovered during pregnancy, you should not try to squeeze yourself into a massage chair by any means possible. This will entail unwanted pressure on the abdomen and may not be safe. Women with complications during pregnancy, such as placenta previa, etc., should also avoid using massage chairs.
  • Most of the warnings regarding the use of massage chairs, which are written directly on the labels and stickers, say that if you are pregnant, the use of a massage chair is absolutely not recommended. This is not due to the results of research, but to the desire of manufacturers to avoid lawsuits made by pregnant women, who may claim to have encountered problems or complications as a result of using a massage chair during pregnancy.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Relieves pain. I think that no one needs to be convinced that massage is a great approach to relax. It increases not only blood flow but also relaxes the muscles.

In addition, massage soothes the nervous system, thereby reducing anxiety during pregnancy. Pregnant women tend to get very tired and suffer from all pains in the back, lower back, shoulders, etc. A massage chair helps to soothe all these pains, which makes it possible to sleep at night.

Improves mood. In addition to relieving physical tension, a massage chair also helps relieve mental stress. Massage not only helps relieve pain during pregnancy but also relieves a feeling of general discomfort.

This allows the expectant mother to be more calm, fresh and energetic. Massage leads to an increase in endorphin (the hormone of joy) in the blood, which is “responsible” for a good mood.

It gives a feeling of psychological comfort and distracts from the anxieties and anxieties typical of pregnant women.

Cautions on the use of a massage chair during pregnancy

No need to think that after all this, you can sit in a massage chair with a light heart. I said at the very beginning of the article: “You must ask everything you do and check twice whether what you do is secure.”

In this article, we discussed the topic of the massage chair, pregnancy, and whether it is true that using a massage chair during pregnancy is as dangerous as it is written and said. But we talked in general, and not about you specifically.

  • Before you sit in a vibrating massage chair, be sure to consult your gynecologist and find out if you personally have any contraindications.
  • If you are attending a therapeutic massage for pregnant women, inform the massage therapist that you want to try the massage chair and listen to what he has to say about this.

And the last. If you are too worried about the consequences of using a vibrating massage chair during pregnancy and have no one to get permission or prohibition, it is better not to sit in it. This way you avoid any adverse effects. Child safety and mental health-above all!

The bottom line

Pregnancy can affect your health, so you have to find time to relax. Relaxing during pregnancy rigors on a massage chair can give you some relief. Massage chairs are a boon in helping to cope with pregnancy pain and increase blood flow.

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