6 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

We tend to think about stress relief and help with sore muscles when we think about massage and how we can benefit.

These are of course some of the advantages, but massage can actually go much further than that.

Individuals who undertake regular massages find that they are experiencing many health benefits. Here are the 6 surprising health benefits of massage therapy.

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Pain Reduction

Surgeons and doctors throughout the world are recommending massage to their patients.

They recommend to those who have problems fighting aches and pains, specifically those with no neurological cause.

Lower back pain and migraine are some of the patient’s most commonly reported aches.

Research suggests that exercise-damaged skeletal muscle inflammation may be reduced by massage therapy.

Therefore, for any such issue, massage is considered to be the first-line treatment.

Relieves Headaches

Try to book a last-minute massage the next time a headache hits.

Massage can help to reduce tension headaches frequency and severity.

Research from the University of Granada found that in patients with chronic tension headaches perceived pain is immediately affected by a single massage therapy session.

Anxiety and Depression Relief

Getting a therapeutic massage can help us mentally, emotionally and physically feel better.

Massage is well known for its benefit-reducing stress and can, therefore, help fight depression.

People receiving massages tend to feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed by the challenges of life.

As a result, the chances of feeling anxious and/or upset after a massage are significantly reduced.

Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to many long-term health problems.

While your doctor may offer advice and/or medication for a lifestyle change to help lower high BP, massage has also been shown to lower high blood pressure.

Massages stimulate blood flow. Therefore regular gentle rubbing and kneading can make your face look healthy and glowing.

Sleep Quality

Massage is considered to be of great benefit to the improvement of sleep quality.

It completely relaxes the body and induces a peaceful and soothing deep slumber.

Because of its fantastic sleep-inducing capacity, it is considered to be of great relief from sleep and related disorders.

Improves Functioning of the Digestive and Urinary Systems

An appropriate massage is also ideal to improve the functioning of the internal organ, including the digestive, liver and urinary system.

Since massage is a proper reliever of stress, it optimizes the whole body’s operation. Keep in mind that excessive weight can be hazardous for the body over a long period of time.

Stress releases certain chemicals from the body that can damage vital organisms, particularly if you’re taking too much pressure.

Help treat cancer’s side effects

Massage therapy is also good for cancer patients.

Boston scientists found that metastatic cancer patients reported better sleep; less pain and improved overall quality of life after massage therapies were received.

Swedish, foot massage and light touch massage are more beneficial for cancer patients.

The research found that massage therapy condenses symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, and stress in patients with cancer..

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  1. Thanks for explaining that massages can help improve your ability to sleep since they allow your body to become more relaxed. I remember my uncle mentioning that he has been unable to sleep at night ever since he started working at his new job last month. Perhaps massage therapy could help relax his body and help him sleep.


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